Summer Camp

CECC offers a fantastic summer of camp weeks full of exciting programs and activities!

Our main objective is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all who will be participating. Campers will appreciate the rich variety of camp experiences available at CECC. We seek to provide a maximum adventure and safety with 24-hour supervision by our staff. Dedicated Christians make up our staff of Bible teachers, dorm personnel, activity leaders, and support personnel.

We look forward to having our family participate in the many great programs at the Coastal Empire Christian Camp!

Summer Camp Registration

Register for the grade you will be entering in the fall. Fees may be paid in full upon registration, if not due upon arrival at camp.

Mail and Phone

All campers love to receive mail. When writing, include the camper’s name on the outside of the envelope. To insure the arrival of your mail before the week’s end, send your mail early in the week. Send mail to the following address:

* Coastal Empire Christian Camp
Attention: (Camper’s Name)
996 Hiltonia Creek Road
Sylvania, GA 30467

NOTE: Do not send camp registrations to the address above!


For the protection of campers and for the respect of faculty and staff, each visitor is requested to call ahead. Each visitor is required to register in the Dining Hall upon arrival. Should you arrive at mealtime and expect to eat, payment is expected. There is a price list posted in the Dining Hall. Camp rules apply to everyone, including visitors. Please do not interfere with campers or the Camp Schedule. Your cooperation in this matter is much appreciated.

Camp Dress Code

Dress Casual - Jeans and T-shirts are great even at evening services. 
Shorts - Shorts are great, too! 
Dresses & Skirts - Girls can wear dresses or skirts if they want to. 
NO Tight Clothing - Please, kids, no tight shirts, sweaters, pants, or shorts.  
No spaghetti straps or tank tops, bare midriffs, or short shorts. 
Guys- no tank tops or short shorts. Keep your pants pulled up. 
Girls- No short skirts or low-cut tops. 
One Piece bathing suit for females - No bikinis or two piece swim suits!

Items To Bring

Bible, notebook, pen/pencil, mission's offering, 

Toothbrush/toothpaste, soap, clothes, blanket, sleeping bag/sheets, towels/washcloths, shampoo, comb/brush,

Underclothing/old clothes, comfortable shoes, extra pair of shoes, 

Swimsuit, swim shoes (essential for young children),  Sunscreen

Balls, gloves, flashlight/batteries, camera 

Parents/ Campers

996 Hiltonia Creek Road, Sylvania, GA

Coastal Empire Christian Camp